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About us

| Partners

logo This program of conservation and promotion of Haiti’s underground heritage was started in 2009 upon the initiative of Carole Devillers and Olivier Testa of the Speleo Group of La Tronche.

Supported initially by the Foundation Lucienne Deschamps, the Foundation Odette Roy Fombrun and the Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (ORE), the project is carried in 2010 by the Foundation Macaya for Local Development. En 2011 it receives the patronage of UNESCO and a financial support from the French Embassy in Haiti.

In 2011 the Foundation Françoise Canez Auguste, the Foundation Lise Antoine Saint-Natus Health Education Women (FLASSEF) and Valerio Canez S.A join in to support the project.

French Embassy in Haiti, FSD  Patronnage UNESCO

French Federation of Speleology FORF Deschamps ORE

Valerio Canez Flassef Canne à sucre

We deeply thank our partners and the numerous persons who help us daily in the successful outcome of this project.

| Press and media

Contact :

Olivier Testa
(+241) 04 40 27 60 (Gabon) (+33) 6 04 46 45 10 (France)

Carole Devillers
(+1) 954 272 8407 (USA) (+509) 37 59 28 91 (Haïti)

| The team

> Olivier Testa

Project chief, speleologist and photographer, mounted and participated in speleological explorations in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, China, Chilean Patagonia, Haiti, and has also coordinated humanitarian and touristic projects in developping countries.



Olivier Testa

> Carole Devillers

Photojournalist and writer, has spent some twenty years in Haiti, worked for ten years as photo correspondent of the news agency Reuters in Port-au-Prince, and has several ethnological articles in National Geographic Magazine to her credit. Her work has been widely published in the international press.

Carole Devillers

> Jean-François Fabriol

Photographer and speleologist, has lighted up hundreds of caves across the world with his flashes. He brings back, from his expeditions, photos with a unique style. Explorer from a tender age, his photos are guided by his experience.

Jeff Fabriol

> Pascal Orchampt

Engineer and speleologist, participates in numerous speleological expeditions abroad and contributes in the technical areas: survey, topography, fitting, safety.

Pascal Orchampt

> Stephanie Jagou

Stephanie joined the team in 2013. French/Canadian specialised in sustainable development and corporate responsibility, she brings in her experience in strategy and develops her speleological skills

Stephanie Jagou

For any inquieries about the exposition Grottes d’Haïti, entre imaginaires et réalités: Stéphanie Jagou (association Hommes des Cavernes)

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